Abelon ICO Bringing all exchanges into one place

What interested me about this ICO is in fact managing my ICO’s as many are spread across exchanges due to wanting listings on specific exchanges or listing where they can get an early listing. From a trading point of view as well though with Abelon being across multiple exchanges it means you can get better pricing. For example you can find some coins are different prices on different exchanges so sometimes you can buy a coin cheaper or sell it for a higher price due to the difference. The other important factor with Abelon is being able to take it with you on your mobile phone which also makes it much easier to trade on the move.

Price wise as well the ICO isn’t excessive and putting the initial project together App wise for $300,000 means it will be operational pretty quick along with the fact of having several ways to get a return on investment for its investors and the platform. Its not an overly complex ICO but in fact something people will use and buy into because its something that has a lot of use to many users. I also like the graphic interface which is very clean and easy to read and understand. Which may actually be better than some of the exchanges interfaces in some cases.

Its an ICO I recommend taking a look at its Whitepaper and that it is looking to be heading to the exchanges by March of 2018. Which gives a 3 month window of getting everything together before it hits the exchange and should give it an initial financial boost to investors.

I know from my normal trading view having the ability to login to all my exchanges from a centralised location will not only simplify my trading but also allows me to carry out more trades on the move. As currently I am locked into using my desktop and multiple windows across multiple exchanges. This will not only free up my time to make more money but also allows a lot more freedom of travel and movement being able to trade on the go.

Website – http://abelon.org

Whitepaper – http://abelon.org/#wp


ETH: 0x1E8401E810236F08756868CE8b8bB6bF5Faf6F14