Ripple shoots past Ethereum

Ripple has been on the rise in recent weeks but now we see its market cap has increased beyond Ethereum. To think it wasn’t long ago it was struggling to get over $0.30 and now it’s pushed to $2.20 and the question being asked is will it head to $3 or more in the near future. With the possibility of being worth $5 – $15 during 2018 if the Ripple network starts to deliver on its promise.

The money being pumped into Ripple right now seems to be coming from the Asian markets primarily South Korea and Hong Kong markets. Although as you can see the more traditional heavy hitting coins still remain a bit stagnated since the Christmas holidays. But I can also understand some of this such as Bitcoin still having problems dealing with its backlog of orders, as even myself I have over $1000 I want to transfer out but still finding fees excessive. At the same time the Crypto Kitties have also had an effect on Ethereum. Along with Litecoin having Chalie Lee its founder admitting he’s sold all his Litecoin. So a lot of negativity around the coins that surround Ripple at the top of the market caps. While Ripple has some positive media relating to Japan and a consortium of 61 banks that want to do a pilot program with Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank of South Korea using the Ripple blockchain network.

Although it’s not the first time Ripple has had positive media around something developing but the big question right now is it actually going to be something delivered or another work in progress. As Ripple has had a lot of spikes of interest and value as media releases promote its activities with various banking entities around the globe.