Utemis ICO Fire Sale On The 8th Of January

Utemis is aiming to revolutionise Latin America’s trade ability by utilising the blockchain to offer secure, safe and trust orientated trading in a similar way that Alibaba.com did to China. Reducing risk for buyers also helps to improve quality, quantity and create jobs throughout Latin America. At the same time reducing corruption and improved productivity will help Latin America prosper. With an experienced team who have members that have worked with Alibaba.com and other Chinese giants in the industry as well as rooted connections with Columbia, Mexico and other Latin America countries giving them not only businesses waiting for the Utemis to go live but also the connections and local knowledge to make this a success.

The Pre-ICO fire sale seems to have come about from a delay on the ICO start date requested by a Chinese company that is interested in purchasing Utemis. Although the negotiations and discussions are still on-going the ICO will push ahead from the 8th of January being an ideal opportunity because if the venture has a buyout it is already written in to the WhitePaper that token holders will be rewarded for being part of the original investors. Along with if the ICO continues on its own route to launch it will become an established business in a very short period of time with a large turnover which will push its value up.

Either way its an ideal ICO to take a look at and with the fire sale promising a 40% discount on pricing for a short period as well as it being built by an experienced team the value of Utemis is going to see some significant growth in a short period of time.

Utemis Website – https://www.utemis.com/