Apex ICO – Next Generation of Consumer Brand Interactions

Apex aim to revolutionise advertising and consumer purchases online by redifining the processes and removing the middle men of the industry. If you have worked in online advertising you will be aware of how hit and miss it can be but also even leafleting houses as an example you would be lucky to see 3% actually hitting the right customers and getting a response. Online there can be a lot of manipulation of figures and blanket advertising can often hit people that have no interest in your products but also means you could be irritating potential customers by advertising to them at the wrong time. For example how often do you buy something from Amazon, Ebay or another major online site and then find the next few days seeing adverts for what you purchased? Now the cookies obviously picked up you were interested in something but then again you you already bought it so why are you constantly being sent adverts that aren’t relevant anymore? Why haven’t they diverted to addons or other items that would be of more interest? Why are advertisers paying for those very same adverts that are of no use to you whatsoever?

Stats from the Apex whitepaper show how bad the conversion rates are for advertisers as we ll as more than 50% of consumers not trusting online banner advertising.

With Apex there is a lot more control for advertisers and consumers as well as reward systems. Which not only makes it a more streamlined and accurate way of advertising but a better and more secure platform for consumers.

The interface is very clean and with its Android and iOS App it puts control in the hands of consumers that not only gives them a better experience but also the opportunity to gain rewards. While at the same time NEXUS which is the client App gives advertisers a clean and smart interface for advertising. Which in real terms means that for advertisers the ability to have a more focused advertising campaign to people that actually want to purchase te products they can reduce costs in advertising at the same time reward customers with better opportunities. All in all a win-win scenario with an interface that consumers control what information is accessible and being decentralised the risks of data thefts or it being sold multiple times to different companies significantly reduces. Along with it the reduction in risk of fraud and other data theft crimes. The token will gain value not only because of the platform but also it is used on the platform for all transactions.

Website – https://apex.chinapex.com/

Whitepaper – http://cdn.chinapex.com.cn/med/videos/to/APEX_Whitepaper_EN_1220.pdf