The Bee token – The Future of Home Sharing

The Bee Token is very similar to AirBnB in many ways as a business but with reduced fees and built by an experienced team that have worked with Uber, Google and Facebook. Another interesting thing about this Initial token offering is it has already sold out on its Private and Public Pre-sales with its upcoming ICO sale starting on the 31st of this month which I recommend if interested getting on their mailing list.

Will it work? Of course it will its not only a platform that deals with reducing the cost of temporary accommodation but also utilising its own token as a mode of payment. This allows transactions to be simplified and reduced costs unlike FIAT where you would need to trade into local currencies pretty much losing on the exchange fees every time. As someone who owns property that I rent on AirBnB as well as rent properties when I travel this could be a very useful platform for myself and many people like me. Instead of trading in and out of FIAT simply holding tokens paid for by tenants and then using them for when I travel will reduce costs even further. Also without a doubt you will have a similar trust and review system that you find with AirBnB which will also make sure that every booking you have or tenant you have stay has already been vetted or at least aware that they will flag up on the Bee platform if there is a problem. Personally I have found everyone I have rented through AirBnB to be very good tenants as well as some fantastic properties and I can see Bee offering a very good service as well which also offers some peace of mind as well when either renting or having tenants in your properties.

Bee Token also has a strong set of advisors onboard and rumours of a collaboration with Bancor which could see the value of this token increase significantly once it hits the exchanges. With a solid business model and team behind it Bee Token will be successful and progress will be seen throughout 2018 which will also increase its token value significantly. Definitely an initial token offering to put on your radar.

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