IOT Chain – Internet Of Things Security On The Blockchain

Internet of things has become part of everyday life and growing. From you talking to your mobile phone and initially telling it to “Dial Steve” you are now looking at being able to tell it to turn on your heating, warm your car or it telling you that you need milk. The IOT is changing the way people live their lives and one of the fundamental issues with IOT is security. This is where IOT Chain comes in and looks to fill that gap.

As an investment there are several key elements that make is worthwhile. Does it have a use? the answer is yes as keeping your data secure as well as limiting people’s access to not only your IOT devices but also things they interface with is important. Does it have demand? Every manufacturer out there that is involved with IOT technology does not want to see media coverage of how it was hacked, used, exploited and abused by parties. What they want is peace of mind and security so from big to small manufacturers everyone wants to not only think but know they are secure and this is where IOT Chain knows it already has a market place and companies wanting to utilise its technology.

The recent dip in price will likely also see a rise as the wallet is completed at the end of this month adding more value to IOT Chain. As well as a lot of upcoming progress during 2018 that will steadily raise the value of IOT Chain. I recommend taking a look at the litepaper for an initial overview of what is IOT Chain but it is certainly one of the investments that I can see having massive growth once we start hearing large manufacturers buying into the product.

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