Eboost jumps over 60% in a day

EBoost took a bit of a jump today in the markets and increased in value over 60% before experiencing some retraction. Although the price rise may continue as Eboost staking and referral program begin on January the 15th 2018. You may be wondering what EBoost is and simply its designed around Esports and the ability to wager on them. If you have worked with traditional systems they can not only be a pain to setup and restrictive but also delays in loading with funds. As normally you need debit/credit cards, Paypal or Western Union. While EBoost will allow you to buy directly off the exchanges simplifying the process especially if you are in Crypto already.

Then you are set to compete and wager player to player and also EBoost will be looking to organise their own tournaments at a later date which will also help boost their user base. Another important factor is they already have 50,000 users on a platform that is already utilising the EBST (Eboost) token. If anything we are going to see significant growth from EBoost during 2018 as it expands its customer base and exchange listings. Along with looking to introduce competitions.

From someone who spent a lot of years in gaming I can understand the interest in this venture as becoming a professional gamer is the dream of many. Even more so when you can earn a small fortune from competing. But the advantage of Eboost is you can compete at more than one level so the opportunities will no doubt be more expansive than limited to national and international tournaments. As you can compete with players and teams and wager on a regular basis making it much more accessible.

What do you think about Eboost? Would you invest in it?