WePower Green Energy On the Blockchain

WePower are looking to create a new form of investment into the Green energy market. One of the problems in recent years is the investment in Green energy has been dropping significantly due to a lack of government support. Although we are still finding banking, investment groups and hedge funds venturing into this domain as a lucrative entity. The reality is that energy consumption continues to rise globally as people’s needs and population growth continue. But at the same time governments have been slow to adapt to the Green revolution and although prices of constructing Green energy plants has significantly dropped so has government investment.

With WePower the platform looks to invest in plants at the same time providing cheap energy to its Token holders. As each plant is built an agreed 0.9% of energy produced will be allocated to token holders. This could mean long-term investing in plants you could find your electricity bill going to zero. Along with investing in a clean energy and knowing it is 100% green. As often we are told we are buying into green energy plants yet we often have no proof that we are. Although a company may have a percentage of green energy production and promote its green plants it may still have more production in coal and other power plants that are bad for the atmosphere. Wepower is looking to be 100% green so no risk of that occurring as well as the ability to sell your energy tokens to other people that may not be on WePower. The other interesting thing about WePower is its first nationwide testing will begin in Estonia this year and the project will be very active this year in progressing in Europe. Including the launch of plants in Spain during November.

As a fan of green energy it is certainly an ICO I am interested in and I can see the potential as a business. Along with the fact they have already secured some support within the EU that will assist in getting this project off the ground.

I recommend visiting the website and watching their videos to get an idea of what the project is all about then taking a read of the Whitepaper that explains in more detail how the breakdown of funds will be spent and how you will benefit as a token holder of WEPower.

Website – https://wepower.network

Whitepaper – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_OW_EddXO5RWWFVQjJGZXpQT3c/view