Decentralised Autonomous Vehicles (DAV) ICO

I was asked this morning to explain what Decentralised Autonomous Vehicles (DAV) ICO is about and what they are trying to do. Initially it was a pause for thought but then I remembered the days of BBS which was prior to the internet coming together. You used to dial in to different computers that basically were all on dial up there was no real connections to each machine in real time and development of the systems was often independent of each other.

DAV is looking to remove the same problem from things like drones, self driving cars and other vehicles that can simply are being developed as individual projects. You see Uber, Google and others developing systems individually for home delivery drones, self driving cars etc. when in fact its such a large project getting the “internet” version of the solution would help not only all projects develop at a faster pace. But would allow overlap and mass integration in the real world as solutions. DAV is a platform that allows people to develop their technology into their drones, cars etc. and bringing everyone together to make tasks simple. As well as introducing the ability to earn or spend DAV tokens utilising the sytem. For example you need a delivery of a parcel you could have multiple drone owners bidding to carry out that service. You could find 90% of the time you don’t use your car so once it drops you off at work it begins running other people around earning you money instead of being stuck in a car park.

The services may seem a million miles away right now but the technology already exists as well as many others near completion. Amazon’s delivery drones is one prime example of a real world use of autonomous vehicles. We are seeing a technology revolution that DAV is part of that is going to change how things are not only moved around the world but around your town.

Having a car drive itself while you sit as a passenger still seems very alien today. But we find we are surrounded by technology that already would have seemed unreal many years ago. Even a car satellite navigation system 30 years ago wouldn’t have made sense to people. Never mind the ability for plane computers to fly aircraft and most advanced fighter rely on the technology even to be in the air. So today it may seem a little uncomfortable for many people but I know like every other technology in the past once people begin to use it the adoption rate accelerates.

DAV’s software is available on Github already and partnering already with people that build and develop Autonomous Vehicles as an open source project it accelerates the development. The focus that the team behind DAV have on their technology allows those companies developing the Autonomous Vehicles to focus on the vehicles instead of having to try and develop what DAV already has. In reality investing in DAV is investing in the future of transportation.

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