Restart Energy Disruption (RED) the Power Industry Via The Blockchain – ICO

Restart Energy doesn’t only allow you to buy power directly from the producers but also allows you to form your own electric company. If you know the power industry you will know its riddled with middlemen that are often trying to push you into transferring onto their system. RED are aiming to disrupt that and give you the ability to form your own franchise company but at the same time giving consumers upto 30% discount on their current energy prices by disrupting the existing systems and processes. Although I won’t go into it in great detail I do recommend going through the whitepaper that is 88 pages but covers the difference between traditional energy supply management and how RED is aiming to change this. It covers the main problems in the industry with layers of costs that you don’t need as a consumer and at the same time connecting you directly with the power producers and consumers. Creating a platform where trading can occur to give the best deal for all involved.

This builds on the back of being designed and backed by the European Union’s fastest growing private energy provider, the RED platform will have
27,000 households and more than 3,000 SME’s and multinational corporations ready for use on day one. The company coming out of Romania has already had success growing by 400% in its first year and looking to expand not only in Romania but across Europe and the globe.

Investing in RED will not only allow savings of upto 30% on power for households but also the ability to form your own power distribution company as well as even trading your tokens for power on the RED Platform which will become a trading exchange for power. If this isn’t enough the franchise options allow you to buy into providing power from a town to an entire country.

The interesting thing about the tokens though is they actually generate electricity on a regular basis which becomes the mechanism of sale on the platform where you can sell to businesses and consumers. Which is another reason I wanted to promote this project as the tokens aren’t just a case of buying and holding but they begin producing a revenue stream on the platform.

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