ICOBox offering an ICO launch solution

ICOBox have two main uses and both benefit the crypto community. The first is it makes it much easier for ICO’s to launch utilising the tools available from ICOBox if working with them. As well as the fact they have an extensive following meaning you are reaching a wide selection of people that are already interested in buying into ICO’s. It specialises in it but this is also the other side of the coin where as an investor they bring to you ICO’s on a regular basis but with a large discount of upto 75% compared to normal prices. This gives investors access to ICO’s at the rates normally exclusively available for venture capitalists and other large investors that you often see in “Pre-ICO”. Where Joe public doesn’t get a look in on such big discounts on the initial offerings. ICOBox disrupts this by cutting deals with the ICO’s that help them launch but also puts the information in front of you as an investor creating an ideal environment for both initial coin offerings and potential investors.

This is also supported by the fact they have already had a long list of successful ICO launches as well as raising over $200m for those ICO’s as well. I recommend taking a look at the website be you an investor or a potential ICO. Another unique investment selling point is the ability to swap tokens within the platform. So any ICO’s launched in the system you can actually move your token purchases within the platform.

ICOBox store – https://store.icobox.io/

ICOBox for ICO’s – https://icobox.io/