eBTC the next Crypto giant or Hype?

The interesting thing about this project is the combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum with a community presence. Although it is either going to pump and dump or be around for ages which does question if it is worth the investment as we have yet to see anything delivered they have developed themselves. Although there is certainly space for another coin and its push onto multiple exchanges as well as a very proactive team seems to be steering the coin in the right direction. But is it anything new and do we need it? Right now I think it isn’t anything new beyond taking some of the best features to inject it into a coin combined with strong social support. Which talking with some ICO’s lately they have been struggling to get onto some exchanges while eBTC has used the power of the numbers to get listed with ease. The more exchanges its on the more likely we are going to see trading volume increases.

But we will still need a product that will hit the real world and be used globally. I don’t think its a million miles away as its using technology already doing it. The hard bit is getting mass adoption and onto things like Coinbase that can add some serious value to the coin although its limited supply is also helping with price increase. A large development team is also a plus if they do start developing projects with it and only time will tell if this will happen. Yet sitting at less than $2 it is a question of hype or the start of a coin that will find its feet and shoot up in value and use in no time. Right now I would have to say you need to make up your mind if its an investment or a gamble and myself I have purchased a small amount to hold and see where it goes.