Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange the future of the crypto markets

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange Is Providing Latest Ways For Crypto Investors

Although it may not be the favourite subject of all finding a mainstream stock exchange expanding into having a blockchain exchange. I see this an evolution of the crypto space adding maturity and security. Although having Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) protection may not be the favourite for people wanting to remain anonymous on the blockchain. I don’t think this will interfere with most people unless you actually want to use the new Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange. The advantages being that the token sales and listings going onto the exchange will have a lot more scrutiny than we normally see in the blockchain arena. At the same time no doubt a lot of the legislation requirements for stock exchange listings will be utilised. Meaning that there is a potential overlap of being listed on the stock exchange(s) as well. Not just Gibraltar stock exchange but London and others as the requirements would have been met to obtain the validation required to get listed.

From an investment point of view they are looking to raise $10m for this venture with 900m tokens. Which although the token volume is high the $10m investment isn’t when you compare it to the funds going through other exchanges in the crypto markets. The growth on GBX will be extremely swift, it wasn’t long ago I remember talking about Binance when it was all new and suddenly it was talking about halting its new subscriptions due to gaining 250,000 new users a day.

There is nothing to say we cannot expect the same level of growth on GBX. In fact with the traditional stock exchange already having a user base I wouldn’t be surprised at a later date to see an overlap between the two allowing traditional investors onto the crypto platform. In the same way the tokens are likely to be able to be listed on the stock exchange. All in all this is definitely a step in the right direction for mass adoption of the blockchain into the real work environment.

I recommend going through their YouTube videos to get a feel for the company along with reading their whitepaper and website information. The price of $0.10 I see at a low value for a business with such potential and strong team from a working venture.


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