Loan against your Bitcoin and Ethereum with MoneyToken – ICO Review

When I looked at this ICO instantly it was a smart idea. Although the loans are short-term upto 90 days the reality is you don’t lose your position on your Bitcoin or Ethereum. So right now for example where people don’t want to sell their Crypto but may need some cashflow for bills. You could use your crypto as collateral and then repay the loan receiving back the Crypto you gave as a guarantee of the loan. Which is a better deal than selling your tokens or coins right now. As even paying the interest on a loan the gains on the market would rise above the payment. So ultimately you can pay the bills and keep your Crypto.

It is also useful for ICO’s that may not want to sell their Ethereum and Bitcoin for things like office supplies and marketing. This would allow some liquidation of funds at the same time knowing that the likely hood of their Crypto going up in value is going to happen soon. Allowing for real world purchases at the same time utilising the token assets as collateral that could give a better return on investment if not sold.

In fact there are many reasons you would use MoneyToken as you are able to hold your tokens/coins and lend against it. As you may want to use the loan to buy even more Crypto as right now is a perfect example of when. Because your current portfolio may be down in value and you have no spare capital to buy more. At the same time don’t want to sell as the market is now rising. If you bought earlier today you could have made over 30% today. Using MoneyToken you could have done it and repaid the loan early. Giving you a profit and at the same time without having to sell any of your Crypto.

Looking at the timeline on this project as well it will be operational very early on and I recommend going through the Whitepaper yourself to see if its an investment for you. In my case I will actually be using it for more than one thing including buying in on the ICO along with lending on the platform for a regular cash generator. One of the things I do and highly recommend is diversifying your portfolio MoneyToken offers me to do this in a similar way to Peer 2 Peer lending (that I already do). But with Crypto as a collateral its likely people are going to be more timely in payments as you know and I know, the markets are in recovery and the next couple of years is going to see expansion and growth in the Crypto space not decline. A perfect time to invest in an ICO which has a lot of potential and quick turnaround for usage. Along with being backed by an experienced team and I recommend going through their LinkedIn profiles to see their history. An investment for the long and short-term and I for one am extremely interested in it and wished it was available last week! As I would have trebled my money by leveraging my own portfolio for investing.

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