Guardium 911 on the blockchain – ICO Review

Guardium as an idea is a great one. As myself I have spent time in the Middle East and Asia in some remote locations where an emergency call could potentially be pointless due to the locations. But even in a time of budget cuts and slow response times in the developed world there is a need for first response personnel. Using the technology behind Guardium you create a circle of people that when an alert occurs people near you can be relied on to assist. Be it friends, family, professionals or other types of emergency help. The reality is you are going to get a faster response due to the proximity of the help in the area. Rather than dealing with a centralised call centre that may not be familiar with the area or other issues such as access during storms for example.

But there are many other ways the tokens can be used on the platform as well as this isn’t a free service but a paid service for people who can assist in a time of emergency. Along with usage for family and friends such as children being rewarded in tokens for messaging in their locations.

As someone who spent time in the Philippines I already know another use that this could be used for which is pooling cash resources for emergencies. Even when my wife was in labour with my children I had to pay up front nearly $1000. Then if any complications they will want more along with the fact they won’t let the “guarantor” leave the hospital either. With Guardium you could put a call out to friends and family to help with an emergency funding if needed as its not just a case of everyone being in the same area. But may not even be in the same country but would allow funds to be transferred into tokens and sent from anywhere on the planet to those at the scene be it an individual such as a doctor or to a hospital if needed. This speeding up process of payments and alert system would literally be saving lives at the same time the platform generates a revenue for those who invest in it.

The other side of this being able to access resources you may not know are available. For example you are involved in a car accident in a remote town. You call the emergency services that could be a few miles away, Yet a retired doctor lives in a house nearby. If the doctor is encouraged to become a first response they would be on the scene in minutes. Although it would be a paid service due to it being a private transaction the reality is they may be able to save a life.

So for me I can see there is huge value in this service not only from the point of people being accessible in developing nations but also the fact regardless if sat in a coffee bar in London or a sitting on a sand dune in a desert you have access to people that can assist and save.

I am sure over time as well other services will develop such as translation, security services and as I have seen more recently in the U.S. market car ambulances due to the cost of calling a hospital ambulance. With people going as far as calling for Uber to save on the cost of transportation, may seem far fetched but the cost of ambulances have reached a point of excess charging. Services like Guardium make help to force the prices down as well as being a localised on demand service.




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