This website is based around my thoughts and journey into the crypto world. Everything from buying and building my crypto portfolio to getting to a point of financial freedom through crypto investing. One thing I have learned over the last few months is the crypto market is constantly evolving and the developments of new technology and businesses on the blockchain are stimulating huge growth in the crypto space. Along with it large opportunities of financial wealth generation.

Although there still remains a lot of financial risk in the crypto space especially with scam enterprises and high interest investment programs that are often Ponzi schemes. There are also legitimate investment programs that can offer regular investment potential. I am to share the good time and the bad along with some things that may be questionable. But at the same time if you do invest you are in control of your investments and decision making. I am simly sharing what is and isn’t working for me.

In the time I have spent already I have come across some bad investments and some poor investments as well as some great ones. All part of the journey and experience of getting into investments. Although sharing my experiences should help you with making some good decisions and learning from my mistakes along the way.