ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) are the new IPO’s (Initial Public Offerings) although the ICO’s have a lot less legal requirements and specifications to raise funds compared to IPO’s. They can be difficult to start due to the technical difficulties and different marketing strategies required compared to traditional methods. The Crypto Space is a very specific niche and reaching out to the right people is important. As you may find that spending a lot of money in the wrong types of marketing will have very little effect in raising funds.

With technology we have a very active team that develop coins and mining and can build you a coin or token for your venture to assist with you being able to get your business off the ground. Allowing you to focus on the business at hand instead of trying to work with new technology. Reinforced with being able to assist and support bounty programs and with specific people in the Crypto niche that can market your ICO venture to many subscribers and followers that regularly invest in the ICO market. We already have a history of success with multiple ICO’s we have assisted with launch to market and the ventures are on the journey of becoming real world solutions and companies. Although the fund-raising has been prominently in the Crypto Space the enterprises are varied and add support to the Crypto markets due token / coin values being held on the markets. As the businesses begin to succeed and develop in the real world the token / coin values will increase inline with the business. Along with those that declare dividends which actually brings more money into the crypto space. As well as those that build in a buy back program or “burn” which over time will allow the ICO’s to buy back the tokens and coins at a premium from annual profits. Where they will have an opportunity to take 100% ownership of their business over time. Ultimately good ICO’s are a great investment for investors but also for those looking to build an enterprise on the block chain. As they keep more control of their venture along with lower costs in comparison to raising funds through venture capitalists or banking. Allowing the business faster growth, quicker development and more chance of success.

If you would like to know more on how we can help you develop your ICO strategy along with supporting it through its milestones to success please get in touch. A few of our options are listed below :-

  • Video marketing
  • Translation
  • Bounty program management
  • Bounty program support
  • Coin development
  • Wallet development
  • Fund management
  • Website development
  • Token management
  • ICO launch
  • Analysis of ICO and viability
  • Translation (Chinese / Korean / Japanese / English / Russian / Filipino)

Email matt@Crypto-Freedom.com for more information.