I do recommend using blockfolio on a tablet for monitoring your coins / tokens but if its not convenient or available you may like to use this bit of code to show the current value of your tokens and coins through a webpage that you can keep on your desktop or use on your own website by pulling ticker data from CoinMarketCap. As shown below you can download it here and just edit it to suit your investments.

Ticker webpage download




[code language="css"]
 * {<br /> margin: auto;<br /> padding: 0;<br /> overflow: auto;<br /> }</p>
<p> body {<br /> background-color: black;<br /> color: white;<br /> text-align: center;<br /> }</p>
<p> .coinmarketcap-currency-widget {<br /> display: inline-block;<br /> min-width: 20em;<br /> float: left;<br /> }<br /> </style>