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Experty announces its plans to use Proof of Care concept to help with pre-contribution phase

Press Release – Zug, Switzerland, November 22, 2017 Today, Experty announced they are implementing Proof-of-Care during their pre contribution phase. Experty decided to use the concept developed by their advisor Richard Ma of Quantstamp. Richard […]

Initial Coin Offering

ICO Boom times ahead!

The initial coin offerings relating to business start ups is increasing month on month. Funny thing is four years ago it pretty much didn’t exist. The success of being able to raise capital through Block […]

Initial Coin Offering

MilkCoin ICO Review

When I looked into MilkCoin ICO my first thoughts were why? but then viewing the website and going through the whitepaper it became obvious very quickly that this venture was viable. The first thing relating […]